Aerial Photography

stunning aerial photography up to 400ft

High-resolution aerial photography

Our professional drone platform can be fitted with a top of the range 4K-ready camera and lens combination for stunning, inspired aerial photography and video capture in either full HD or Ultra-HD 4K resolution.

All of our shoots are carefully planned and well thought through – ensuring the best possible shots are captured every time, with minimal air time wasted and minimal defects in your photography.

All material recorded can be edited to your specific requirements by an in-house team of experienced photographers and editors. We can also offer professional ground-level photography, 3D location images and production of marketing brochures and other material: a complete one-team solution that few others can offer.

We have experience of working in challenging locations, restricted areas and sensitive sites – always ensuring that the correct permissions are secured first and adhered to, that surrounding land owners and occupiers are consulted with (where necessary) and that the shoot is executed safely and fully within the confines of the law.

Please visit our gallery below for a range of our recent photographic achievements and contact us today to discuss your project.

Neptune Aerial Works Matt

In-house photo editing and processing

Matt is our chief camera operator and comes from a solid background in photography, video production and live visual production. Matt handles all of our camera work and when it comes to photography, video capture and the application of technology there are few people around who can better Matt’s insight and imagination.

Colour Grading and Correction

Aerial Photo Gallery

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